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Vitaloop FlexGuard Multistage Water Filtration Bottle

Vitaloop FlexGuard Multistage Water Filtration Bottle

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We are the first retail dealer in the USA to have Vitaloop, so you can get it here first!! This is the perfect water bottle for people who travel, imagine having clean drinking water available to you at all times, even in other countries.  You can even use a swimming pool to fill your bottle, just fill from any water source, except for the ocean (Because it won't make saltwater drinkable). I personally use this water bottle in my hotel room and when traveling because I don't like to drink tap water from facet, hose or drinking fountain, but with this water bottle I can!!  It's great to send to practice or school with your kids, so they always have filtered water too!!

Vitaloop—the first portable, automatic, and versatile water filtration bottle on the market. With just one click, enjoy safe, deliciously pure water anywhere you go. Our electronic NanoFlow™ Technology delivers consistently clean water, ensuring reliable hydration whether you’re at the gym, office, or outdoors.

NanoFlow ™ technology provides reliability everywhere:
99.9999% bacteria, 99.997% protozoa, 99.9% lead, 99.9% PFOA (PFAS), 98.6% chlorine, and 99.6% microplastic. USA lab test according to NSF protocols P231, 42, and 53.

Vitaloop offers superior water safety with its advanced filtration system and enhances taste through the carbon filter. Designed for convenience and ease of use, it features a one-touch operation, while its long-lasting battery life ensures durability and reliability. This compact device embodies efficiency and value in every use.

Vitaloop is more than a water bottle—it's an investment in your health, designed for convenience and committed to protecting the environment. This bottle ensures you enjoy pure, clean water anytime, anywhere, aligning with every lifestyle.

Equipped with an automatic pump, Vitaloop is the first product on the market to filter water at the ideal pressure and time, efficiently removing contaminants like bacteria, lead, and pollutants with consistent results every time. This system ensures uniform, excellent water quality in every cycle—replicating lab-tested results. Unlike manual systems dependent on suction or gravity, which can vary in removal effectiveness, our push-button technology delivers consistent safety and cleanliness - everywhere.

Experience the convenience and peace of mind of knowing the water you drink is as pure as in controlled lab environments, setting a new standard in water filtration.

Filtration Speed: Filters 16.23 fl oz/480ml of water in 45 seconds.

Output Capacity: 22 ounces/650ml of water per minute.


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